I feel art and beer go hand-in-hand and making beer a form of art. At first, brewers come up with an idea, which they “sketch” out, then make some sort of template (test batch) and with the use of different techniques and compositions they come to a result. For me it is exactly like making a new piece of art. It does go hand-in-hand, and I don’t say this because I use beer or actually beer-glasses for my subject matter. Just think about it, especially as a beer enthusiast you see “beer art” all the time. You know a brewery by their logo and a beer by their label. Larger Craft Breweries like Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, or Stone, only to mention a few, commission the same designers/artists for their label designs. The purpose of the labels is to reflect the beer before you get to see, smell and taste it and it should resemble the name.


The ART of Beer


Based in Austin, Texas, Angi has been working as an independent artist since 2008, creating beer themed prints, photographs and graphic works, cementing her reputation as a Beer Artist and expert of the medium with every new project

The story behind my love for Art & Beer is unique.
It is unique in the sense that I found a way to combine both my hobbies and I am always looking for new settings to show my works.
My art is a combination of screen-printing and digital photography and printing. I'm obsessed with reflections and in my art I'm trying to tell the story about my life. I have been making art all my live but only in the past three years I have been making “beer art”, reflecting my memories and events in the glasses I choose.

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“Art and beer. Beer and art. Art is not (always) beer, but beer is art.”